Goddard Caddis


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Goddard Caddis

Goddard Caddis / Sedge

The Goddard Caddis, sometimes known as the G&H Caddis. This fly was developed in the 1960’s by John Goddard and Clive Henry as a stillwater pattern.  This fly is very difficult to sink so makes it ideal for skating or twitching on the surface or fished in fast river currents.

The Caddis  (Tricoptera) is an important species to fly fisherman and although there are many different species most are similar in appearance varying only in size and colour.    They have a roof-winged profile and long antennae making them easily identified.

Sedge or caddis can emerge both during the day and at dusk. They often take some time to get airborne, skating across the surface and attracting the attention of fish.


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