Fishing Flies

At Buzzz Fly Fishing we provide a range of fishing flies for both the Stillwater and River angler.  So, whether you’re fishing for Stillwater Rainbow Trout or River Grayling, we have it covered! We tie flies to catch fish and all the patterns available have been tested by ourselves and are proven to work.

Fly orders typically take around a week but this can vary due to workload and quantity required.  For a more detailed estimate or a bespoke order, please contact us.

Stillwater Trout Flies

Whether you prefer the imitative approach of buzzers, the thrill of a dry, or blobs and boobies we’ll have the fly for you.  These are selected and tied by expert Simon Caddy and built to last.

River Flies for Trout & Grayling

Whether you’re dredging the bottom after winter grayling or stalking a wild trout, we’ve got what you need.  Tied and tested by England Rivers International Paul Fairhurst and Simon Caddy.